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Dan Kibler + bonus disc
Dan Kibler + bonus disc Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $14.00
Artist: Dan Kibler
Dan's jangly and twangly (with some pedal steel flourishes sprinkled about), self-titled Kool Kat debut was co-produced by Michael Giblin (Cherry Twister/Parallex Project). Michael also plays bass and keyboards on the record. The record merges a pop/alternative air with traditional, straight from the heart, no chaser, country heartbreak. It's masterful, and it's original. This is guitar-entwined, roots pop at its finest folks! Dan is capable of taking a simple melody and infusing his heart felt lyrics with bite. Timeless sounds abound here, driven by Dan's gorgeously rough-hewn vocals, the thousand pound chops of the guitar-wielding Dan and John Fritchey, and the classy rhythm section of Giblin and Tony Melchoirre. "The razor sharp pop that forms the backdrop for his melancholy musings lingered for weeks after the first listen!" - Music Reviews Quarterly "His twin gifts are his hickory-smoked vocals and songwriting perched smartly inbetween introspection and sing-along popcraft." - Option Magazine "His music is rootsy as hell, but without any real or imagined Southern accent." - MOJO Magazine "I believe than Dan is a great creative talent who seems to get better with age. His thing is intense emotion, and he channels it through a great voice that gives his songs such texture. He lets you hear it in the way he can sing with a cracked, angelic grace over waves of guitar electricity, all nicely played with conviction by a great, backing band!" - Max Humphries Includes an extremely cool cover of The Zombies' "I Can't Make Up My Mind"! COMES WITH AN EXCLUSIVE 9-SONG BONUS DISC - "WHAT'LL IT BE: A DAN KIBLER MIXTAPE" - COMPILED BY DAN HIMSELF - FEATURING TRACKS FROM HIS TWO OUT-OF-PRINT BIG DEAL RECORDS RELEASES ("CAPSULE" AND "HAUNTED") AND HIS "FOREVERAGO" RELEASE! GREAT!!!!

Our Postmortem
Price: $15.00
Artist: And The Professors
Description: HONEYDOGS ALERT!! A VINYL LP RELEASE (COMES WITH A CD OF THE RECORD) And The Professors is the latest project headed by the 'Dogs Adam Levy! The record caps a three-year collaboration among members of The Honeydogs, Brother Ali, Chastity Brown, Heiruspecs, Dessa and the Minnesota Opera with arrangements from Robert Elhai, ... read more »

A Bundle of Ballard
Price: $14.00
Artist: Ballard
Description: EXCLUSIVE, ON-DEMAND CDR OF 24 PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOAD-ONLY TRACKS! Ballard is Darren Riley, a one-man Brit DIY artist whose music recalls artists like Paul Westerberg, Ray Davies, and Guided By Voices at their poppiest. Most of the songs included here were recorded at "Rancho Pancho", a/k/a Darren's house! The "Monkey Busin ... read more »

Sanctified Into Astroglide
Price: $9.00
Artist: Brad Brooks
Description: Brad's 2000 debut. If you could take sunshine, collect it in a jar, and then pour the incandescent liquid over piano keys and unplugged guitars and chiming tambourines, you might end up with a Brad Brooks song. All those dream-inducing Beach Boy harmonies and syrupy slow music combine to sound like a summer day. "An elab ... read more »

The Statue In The Stone
Price: $12.00
Artist: Bronze
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! WOW!! Their 2002 full length followed hot on the heels of the terrific “Let It Rain” EP! The band are led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Handyside who cut his musical teeth with the highly revered 80’s British indie guitar band Hurrah! This CD continues his jangly journey of catchy pop!! "In truth, ... read more »

Skunk On The Loose
Price: $15.00
Artist: Chaz & The Motorbikes
Description: A 2005 studio effort of new recordings from Chaz (Charlie Chesterman) and da boys is an 11-song,straight-ahead, non-stop, twangy, bar-room rock & roll affair that at times is very SwanSong-era Dave Edmunds-like! Nice use of keyboards (piano + organ) and pedal steel throughout. "Chaz and mates add garage and surf elements ... read more »

Well, My Heart Went Boom!
Price: $13.00
Artist: Chaz & The Motorbikes
Description: In 2005, former Scruffy The Cat guy Charlie Chesterman (Chaz) found cassettes in the back of his Fender amp (how the tapes never melted we'll never know) of two separate broadcasts of these 19, stripped down, rockin' n' janglin' n' twangin' tracks recorded 1996 + 2000 live on WMBR-FM's "Pipeline" program! The set cobb ... read more »

Paper Boats
Price: $10.00
Artist: Ed Woltil
Description: Sometimes a sketch can be more evocative than a lavish oil painting…at least that’s what Ed Woltil’s (Ditchflowers) muse whispered in his ear as he dived into writing mode to come up with a dozen new songs for his solo debut. His trademark craftsmanship is on full display, with all the rich melody, wry wit, and inspired wo ... read more »

You're Not Gonna Get It: 1978-'81
Price: $12.00
Artist: Epicycle
Description: Like a snotty bottle rocket shot out of The Damned’s dressing room and straight into the gut of Cheap Trick, suburban Chicago’s sorely under appreciated teen punk pioneers, "You’re Not Gonna Get It: 1978-‘81" makes a strong case for recognizing the essential role Epicycle (which included popper Ellis Clark) existed during t ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Epicycle
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! Brilliant 2002 release that is the colorful follow up to their critically acclaimed 1998 "Orange" record. "Swirl" continued in the tradition of 60’s-inspired stuff that “…downshifts from astral Pink Floyd-isms to ‘Smile’ era banjos and string sections….an incredible melange of sounds and instruments cap ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Epicycle
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! Their 1998 effort is a splash of trippy-jazzy-funky, twisted poetry and painterly pop music. Brothers Ellis Clark (songs, vocals, guitars, bass) and Tom Clark (more songs, drums, keyboards) pay props to everyone kitsch from Ed Wood to the Turtles. If ever a record should have come with a lava lamp, this i ... read more »

Now Now Now
Price: $10.00
Artist: Haymaker
Description: Haymaker is a Long Beach, CA quartet that delivers a spirited blend of countrified pop and gritty roots rock fueled by harmonies and catchy hooks. The band has been compared to the Old 97s, the Del Fuegos, the BoDeans, John Hiatt, and the Bottle Rockets, among others. They site influences from the Stones to Dylan, the Repl ... read more »

In Action: The Complete Columbia Sides Plus
Price: $18.00
Artist: Keith Allison
Description: YES! Our prayers to have this little gem reissued have finally been answered! Keith Allison took listeners where the action is on his 1967 Columbia Records debut LP "In Action", packing its grooves with tunes from Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart (including Action, Action, Action, the theme to ABC-TV s "Where the Action Is", Do ... read more »

The Color Of Day
Price: $12.00
Artist: Lamar Holley
Description: EXCLUSIVE, ON-DEMAND CDR RELEASE OF THIS PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOAD-ONLY RELEASE! Raised on Beatles and Broadway, Lamar Holley has a passion for intricate power pop production and painstakingly crafted lyrics. Somehow Holley's eclectic influences reveal themselves in a cohesive pop record - with consistent flavors of Queen (layer ... read more »

Portable Record Player + bonus disc
Price: $15.00
Artist: Michael Ubaldini
Description: Since issuing his Lee Rocker-produced debut "Mystery Train" in 1994, Michael Ubaldini has proved to be one of rock 'n' roll's most prolific and gifted artists, blending rockabilly, blues, folk and alt-country into his own winning blend of Americana. The solid from start to finish,17-song "Portable Record Player" continues ... read more »

Morgan Delt
Price: $12.00
Artist: Morgan Delt
Description: FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!! “Psychic Death Hole”, the ultra limited 6 song cassette released early in 2013 introduced the world to Morgan Delt’s self-produced, genre-bending flavor of brown acid-dosed flowerdelia. Equal parts Odyssey & Oracle’ and ‘Parable of Arable Land’, his self-titled debut expands on those initial tracks ... read more »

Balloon Age
Price: $15.00
Artist: New Electric Ride
Description: WOW!! We loved their self-titled, debut EP from last year! And, as predicted, you can count New Electric Ride Another as another solid addition to an ever-growing, impressive list of modern day prog pop/psych pop bands! They combine both elements of their brilliant debut full-length! Sunderland, England, where the band ... read more »

Matter Of Time
Price: $8.00
Artist: Nine Times Blue
Description: Following the success of their critically acclaimed debut "Falling Slowly", Nine Times Blue returns with a 5-song EP of melodic, radio-ready, Gin Blossoms/Replacements-inspired, pop songs. This second set of music continues the theme of heartbreak and loss (and a serial killer for some reason), masked by a blend of infectio ... read more »

MOd Pow! (2CD)
Price: $10.00
Artist: Nixons Head and The Donuts
Description: It's a Nixon's Head album! No, it's a Donuts album! Actually, it's both: a double-CD containing full-length albums of new material by each band at a GREAT PRICE! Stuck on a station on the car radio, somewhere between AM and FM and from 1967 to 1973, that's where you'll find Nixon's Head. On "Mod", the grizzled garage ro ... read more »

Price: $27.00
Artist: Orgone Box
Description: EN ROUTE! ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! VINYL LP-ONLY RELEASE! LIMITED EDITION PRESING OF 400 COPIES! Released on vinyl for the first time is Orgone Box's self-titled album. In case you're not familiar with this little gem, here's a little background info for you: In 1994 there appeared a single by an English band Orange on t ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: Pyewacket
Description: WOW!! A jangle-lover's dream! The term “Pyewacket” comes from the book "Bell Book and Candle" referring to the spirit of a witch. Like many bands in the 60’s, the lack of soaring popularity and life got in the way, and the band crumbled before releasing anything. "Clearly in love with the Beatles and Byrds, Pyewacket fo ... read more »

The Missing Link
Price: $12.00
Artist: Schnauser
Description: WOW!! How'd we miss this prog pop gem from 2009? Available again in limited quantity is Schnauser's sophomore effort. Schnauser began in 2005 as a solo project for Alan Strawbridge during the time spent recording The Lucky Bishops' 3rd album, "Unexpect the Expected" which was taking longer than expected. His music conti ... read more »

Kill All Humans
Price: $12.00
Artist: Schnauser
Description: Schnauser are a trio from Bristol who smear flip pop-cultural analysis over Beach Boys harmonies and the sort of baroque inflections favoured by 1970s technicians such as Todd Rundgren, The Raspberries and The Electric Light Orchestra. This is their 2005 debut. "A highly energized and inventive guitar, bass, keyboards and ... read more »

Shindig! Magazine - Issue #38
Price: $12.00
Artist: Shindig! Magazine
Description: Features include one on cover boy NIGEL WAYMOUTH who entertains with stories on Granny Takes A Trip, Hapshash & The Coloured Coat and the art of being avant-garde. LINDA PERHACS: The Surprise Return Of Acid-Folk’s Mystery Lady. JOHN McLAUGHLIN: The pioneering guitarist’s early years, from Georgie Fame to Miles Davis, revi ... read more »

Lovey Dovey All The Time
Price: $10.00
Artist: Stace England
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! Stace’s 2002 effort “has a few of the catchiest, most impressive pop rock love songs of recent memory” – music-critic.com Joining forces with Illinois neighbors (and crack band) The Implications, Stace rocks and pops, in a garage-like way, into your heart. "He's knocked out a casual gem of a pop album. ... read more »

Sun Structures
Price: $14.00
Artist: Temples
Description: WOW!! Temples was formed by singer-guitarist James Edward Bagshaw and bassist Thomas Edison Warmsley initially as a home studio project. The duo had previously worked together in (KK faves) The Moons (no wonder we like them so much)! The opening seconds of "Sun Structures" – their brilliant "Shelter Song", a descending, a ... read more »

The Sunshine Imperative
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Boris Flats
Description: LIMITED STOCK! 2003 release. The Boris Flats are basically overtly talented multi-instrumentalist songwriter/performers Van Norris-Jones and Geoff Webb. "They manage the difficult feat of being both derivative and eclectically original, often within even the short space of a single song. These musical chameleons have a ... read more »

Dangerous Game
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Cry!
Description: Ah, to be young and bursting with energy (and pop smarts too)! With upbeat songs full of pure energy, catchy guitar riffs and harmonies The Cry! are a reminiscence to the 50's, 60's and 70's. But they are surely more than that! You'll instantly recognize their influences like The Beach Boys, Exploding Hearts and The Sweet ... read more »

Shining On Everyone
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Fakeband
Description: WOW!! We really liked their debut a lot, but it did not prepare us for this, their brilliant, sophomore roots pop gem! A pleasant surprise indeed! The band demonstrates that it has grown in leaps and bounds (as artists should) in both songwriting and execution. "So this is what would happen if Del Amitri and Brinsley Sc ... read more »

Sportin’ Wood: The Flashcubes Play The Songs Of Roy Wood
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Flashcubes
Description: US PRESSING!! LOWER PRICE!! WOW!! When discussing the latest Flashcubes release with band member Gary Frenay, we both admitted our surprise that no one in the "pop" community had produced a Roy Wood tribute to date. It was a long time coming, and the 'Cubes have righted this wrong, doing a fantastic job on these 13 (the ... read more »

Spin It
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Forty Nineteens
Description: Their sophomore effort ups the sonic ante by building upon harmonies explored on their terrific debut. "Spin It" continues the bond between the band and producer David Newton (Mighty Lemon Drops) whose Brit Pop sensibilities are perfect for their garage pop sound. "Channels the spirit of such masters of their craft as the ... read more »

Paint The Ground
Price: $25.00
Artist: The Junipers
Description: LIMITED EDITION VINYL PRESSING!! Contains a song "Everywhere Was You" not found on the CD version! With a shuffle in the line-up, there was concern that the sound could differ from that of their brilliant 'Cut Your Key' debut of a few years back.  Not to worry, folks. Within in seconds of the opener, "Look Into My R ... read more »

EP One
Price: $8.00
Artist: The Junipers' Euphonious Trolley
Description: EXCLUSIVE!! ON-DEMAND CDR OF A PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOAD-ONLY RELEASE! WOW!! The Junipers have delivered the first in a series of EP releases featuring some their more poppy material under the moniker of The Euphonious Trolley. There is no holding back or limit on the pop sentiments of old, the harmonies, hooks or influences. T ... read more »

How's Life On Earth?
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Longplayer Orchestra
Description: ELO ALERT!!! The perfect companion to the recently featured Bubblegum Orchestra releases is here! You might remember TLP as Longplayer who delivered a great ELO-inspired 2011 debut. The band has its roots in the pop-tradition of the 60´s, 70´s and 80´s. These decades are the group's main source of inspiration and the in ... read more »

The Rollo Treadway
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Rollo Treadway
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! The Rollo Treadway are named after a Buster Keaton silent film character. "Indie-rock pundits have falling all over themselves lately to declare Brooklyn site of the next “scene.” One of that borough’s bands that seems to have fallen under their collective radar, though, is The Rollo Treadway, who’ve debu ... read more »

Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights
Price: $15.00
Artist: The See See
Description: The See See are a contemporary psychedelic band with one foot in 1967 and the other in 2014 - they not only make psychedelic music for today, they make it for forever. They originated out of the ashes of some of the modern pop world’s hippest guitar psych acts, most notably leader Richard Olson's The Eighteenth Day of May. ... read more »

The Spastic Hearts
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Spastic Hearts
Description: Their 2012 debut is brimming with high energy, tightly played, punk pop of the highest order. They are a band from NE Ohio. The driving beats, melodic hooks, and ripping guitar solos are what makes this record so endearing. Theirs is a brand of driving power pop/punk/rock n' roll with influences of 50's and 60's rock n' ... read more »

Now Hear This...
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Split Squad
Description: Conceived over cocktails, wine, and beers in 2011, The Split Squad is one of those “perfect storm” rock and roll bands that comes from a bunch of musicians who have done it all and have nothing to prove. While that may sound a bit boastful, the pedigree here covers about 140 years of collective rock and roll experience, fro ... read more »

Now Hear This...
Price: $20.00
Artist: The Split Squad
Description: VINYL LP PRESSING!! Conceived over cocktails, wine, and beers in 2011, The Split Squad is one of those “perfect storm” rock and roll bands that comes from a bunch of musicians who have done it all and have nothing to prove. While that may sound a bit boastful, the pedigree here covers about 140 years of collective rock and ... read more »

Price: $13.00
Artist: The Standells
Description: One of our all-time favorite 6T's garage bands, The Standells return with their first album of all new material in over 45 years! Larry Tamblyn explains "In recent years, the Standells had been doing numerous concerts throughout the world. But for us, it just didn’t seem to be enough. We had a choice; we could continue wor ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: The Strypes
Description: WOW!! Signed on the back of their frantic celeb-drawing R&B-fuelled live shows, championed by the likes of Paul Weller, Elton John, Dave Grohl and Noel Gallagher, teenage foursome The Strypes have progressed beyond their cover-filled sets to produce an album of (mostly) their own material. Indebted to their three-chord in ... read more »

Turn On The Light
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Tangerines
Description: WOW!! The latest (third) effort from this top-notch Swedish power pop duo delivers 16 refreshingly Byrds/Teenage Fanclub/Searchers inspired, jangly, concentrated songs! And while they may take a few delicate steps into new musical territories, it's pure pop that's sunshine for our ears. "You'd be hard-pressed to find cat ... read more »

The Tickets
Price: $13.00
Artist: TheTickets
Description: In 2006, this long lost gem from the 80's (originally a cassette-only release) was finally be given the exposure it so rightly deserved. This album is one of the best pop albums you've never heard, combining the pop sensibilities of Squeeze and the swagger of Rockpile! The album was completely remixed and remastered using ... read more »

The Red Album
Price: $13.00
Artist: Thomas Edisun's Electric Light Bulb Band
Description: WOW!! This previously unreleased 1967 "Sgt. Pepper's" lite psych pop record is just killer. It was recorded in Lafayette, LA during the Summer Of Love by a group of 16 year old kids no less! "America produced more 'Sgt Pepper' clones than anywhere else after that fast moving summer of 1967. If lacking George Martin's pr ... read more »

Pop Parade Cuatro
Price: $16.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: Hot on the heals of "Tres" comes "Cuatro", an 18-song guitar pop compendium that (like all good comps should) features a bunch of exclusive material. Among the list of who's on board for this one are Peralta (watch these guys), Paul Collins (previously unreleased), (our very own) Genuine Fakes (previously a download-only t ... read more »

Going Back Home
Price: $15.00
Artist: Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey
Description: Wilko Johnson, former guitarist of rabble-rousing 70's British rockers Dr. Feelgood, is enjoying a bittersweet late-career surge. His jagged playing and menacing stare helped give the Feelgood’s bluesy rock an infectious, raucous energy. The band was briefly a sensation, foreshadowing punk’s anarchic spirit. When the grou ... read more »

Sideshow Love
Price: $15.00
Artist: Will Kimbrough
Description: Will belongs to the same Southern singer-songwriting tradition as his pals Rodney Crowell, Tommy Womack, and Todd Snider. Like his friends and peers, Kimbrough has the same self-deprecating sense of humor and instrumental chops on guitar, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, and more that make his story songs into mini-operas. "He ... read more »