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Suckers Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Jellybricks
Former Kool Kat alums (and true power poppers) The Jellybricks are back with a brand new 7-song effort! "There is good news and bad news surrounding the new release from this veteran power pop outfit. The good news is that 'Suckers' doesn’t suck at all, which leads me right to the bad news…it’s only an EP. The 'Bricks school wannabe power pop musicians with these 7 tracks, but they are so good you’ll wish school was in session for another 7 more! Nevertheless, let’s not discount the release or the band because of the brevity. This might be classified as hard rock candy, as these tracks generally have more of an edge than previous fare. Take the crunchy riffs of 'Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide' as an example – this opener is a stupendous song that has a lot of gusto but not at the expense of euphoric harmonies and a catchy chorus. 'Their Own Way' coasts along a more familiar road for this band and is a simply gorgeous ode with words of wisdom. 'Sold' boasts another round of intelligent lyrics with a shout out verse sandwiching a golden chorus swirling with harmony. 'Dead End Girl' is the standout ballad, with melancholy melodies surrounding the biting lyrics. The EP concludes with the bonus track 'Beryllium', a cool track that edges into Blink-182 territory, and an acoustic version of an old favorite, 'Who Is God 2011' (originally on 1997's 'Kinky Boot Beast'). A tremendously enjoyable effort from a consistently great band – lick it up." - NowThisRocks.com "More what we've come to know and love from the band - hard-charging power pop. 'Rock and Roll Suicide' fits the definition of melodic rock to a 'T', 'Sold' has me sold with its rollicking beat and tuneful guitar attack, and how often do we get a track named after one of the more obscure elements on the periodic table ('Beryllium')? More good stuff, and the real suckers here will be those who miss out on this!" - Absolutepowerpop.com We agree! GREAT!!!

LiGhthOURS (LP + CD)
Price: $27.00
Artist: American Suitcase
Description: TEENAGE FANCLUB ALERT!! Norwegian band American Suitcase, led by Egil Brækken and Anders Vinnogg, has been around since the mid 90s, have delivered several classic pop albums, and have been a steady supplier of melodic guitar pop with strong vocal harmonies. Their latest is full of breezy, summery songs, and lots and lots ... read more »

Price: $11.00
Artist: Amestory
Description: This California-based band took three years to write the music for their 2005 debut, which isn't such a long time considering it was spent building a bridge between indie rock, emo, melodic pop, and chamber music (with the emphasis on chamber music!). "Seamlessly leaps between meticulously-constructed haunting orchestral so ... read more »

Fan, Fan, Fan
Price: $18.00
Artist: Baby Scream
Description: Baby Scream (Juan Pablo Mazzolla) is back with this brand new 2CD set! Disc one contains 12 brand new original songs. The second disc, entitled "The Worst Of Baby Scream", is a 27 track collection of single B-sides, re recorded tracks, new tracks, medleys (including a Beatles one), radio theme songs and covers (the "Scoob ... read more »

How To Die In The North
Price: $14.00
Artist: BC Camplight
Description: Lost treasure needn’t be found in the distant past; the 21st century hides many artists who disappeared into the great wide yonder. BC Camplight is one such example. The alter-go of Brian Christinzio released albums in 2005 and 2007, both gems of a certain psych-pop vintage, combining eloquent songwriting with a self-destr ... read more »

Come What May...2001-2014
Price: $16.00
Artist: Bryan Estepa
Description: The latest from Bryan is a nicely assembled compendium of the four albums of his solo career. In addition to a significant selection of material from these four albums, included are an extra six (three of which are previously unreleased) songs. One is a very personal and splendid cover version of Tom Waits' "Tell It To Me ... read more »

Afraid Of Ghosts
Price: $12.00
Artist: Butch Walker
Description: With a remarkably diverse resume that includes everything from guitar god to Grammy and CMA nominated producer, Butch Walker's latest album shows the skill and tenderness that have earned him a dedicated legion of fans across his seven-album career as a solo artist. Taking a different path than previous efforts, this is com ... read more »

Sings Exit To 32nd Street and Other Holiday Favorites
Price: $10.00
Artist: Chris Peck
Description: WOW!! An utterly charming, hook-filled, 15-song debut from the former member of Mannix and Oral Groove! Still gigging as the drummer for Sonic Blue Sound Revue, which includes Michael Mazzarella, this album is full of Chris' favorite songs that, according to Chris "somehow were lost in the shuffle that could have gone unre ... read more »

March Hare
Price: $17.00
Artist: Colin Hare
Description: Solo effort from member of Honeybus! "When 'March Hare' appeared (and disappeared) in 1971, nobody would have expected the Honeybus guitarist/singer to come up with such a well-crated collection of original material, his previous attempts being limited to one Honeybus b-side and a couple of songs on their classic 'Story' a ... read more »

Waging War On The Obvious
Price: $10.00
Artist: Connett
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! Mod lives and rules! On this 2009 release, Connett may have dropped the Darron J. and regrouped under the guise of a full band member of a very talented quartet, but some things remain true ... he's a driven writer and frontman and clearly won't be swept under the carpet before he's had his rightful brush ... read more »

Hess Street E.P.
Price: $5.00
Artist: Donny Brown
Description: When Donny (one of the founding members of the Verve Pipe, went to record his debut solo release, one decision came easy: the album's title. That moniker, the "Hess Street E.P.," has a special meaning. Donny explains "I grew up in a musical household in a house on Hess Street on the eastside of Saginaw, Michigan. It's th ... read more »

Flashback Magazine - Issue #6
Price: $22.00
Artist: Flashback Magazine
Description: SORRY, NO ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE USA WILL BE ACCEPTED. In this issue: Sam Gopal: The full story of the British underground enigma. Despite recording frustratingly little, this groundbreaking Malaysian tabla virtuoso had a powerful impact on London's late '60s underground rock scene. Richard Morton Jack tells his remarkable ... read more »

Repeat Deceiver
Price: $10.00
Artist: Graham Alexander
Description: WOW!! A brilliant sophomore effort from Graham (whose vocal stylings recall both Paul McCartney and John Wilson), who came out of the blocks smoking on his 2011 debut!! Don't believe it? Read on.... "On his debut, he swung for the fences with his finely-honed pop sense, great songwriting and performing skills. To up the ... read more »

The Listening Class + bonus EP
Price: $16.00
Artist: Heathrow
Description: 2003 full length release from this band from Milwaukee that included former members of the most excellent Trolley! "Who says Britpop is dead? Not Heathrow. Over the course of this swinging album, they party like it's 1994, delivering a set strong of hooks chock-a-block with melody. The opening 'Honesty,' with its soulful b ... read more »

Price: $13.00
Artist: Honeywagen
Description: AVAILABLE EARLY MARCH - ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW! YES! One of our favorite jingle jangle heartland pop outfits are back with a shiny new record! After a 3-year hiatus, Honeywagen has reinvented itself yet again as a force in the power pop scene bolstered by a new lineup. Longtime "Wageners" Mike Penner and Scott Christensen ... read more »

Take Me To The West Coast
Price: $12.00
Artist: Jeff Bruckner
Description: Back in South Jersey after a stint in LA, this is Jeff's first full length record from 2008. With the help of Stephen Butler (Smash Palace) on ace production and jangly/crunchy guitars and Anthony Bezich (Mezzrow) on drums, he's delivered a record full of 80's inspired, hook-filled, New Wave pop/rock. "It is a combinatio ... read more »

Bellybutton (Expanded)
Price: $18.00
Artist: Jellyfish
Description: What else needs to be said about Jellyfish and they legacy they're left among Power Pop fans? Ominivore Records continues to mine their back catalog with their reissue of their 1990 debut "Bellybuuton" that contains the original 10 track album in full, plus a whopping 26 bonus tracks. This 2-CD set, housed in a digipak, fe ... read more »

Spilt Milk (Expanded)
Price: $18.00
Artist: Jellyfish
Description: The reissue of their sophomore effort "Split Milk" contains the original 12 track album in full, plus a massive 25 bonus tracks. This 2-CD set, housed in a digipak, features material fans have been looking for, most of which has been unavailable for over a decade. In addition to demo and live versions of both released and u ... read more »

New Bondi Hippies
Price: $9.00
Artist: Jimmy Haber
Description: With his new release just weeks away, it's a great opportunity to meet Jimmy Haber. He was a founding member of the ’80s Punk band, Degenerates and is currently a member of the musical collective, Maladaptive Solution (2 songs from the groups EP appear on this release) with Aussie pop supremo Michael Carpenter (who also h ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Kyle Vincent
Description: It's been a while, but there's (finally) a brand new Kyle Vincent record that takes you on an emotional and melodic journey, tugging at your heart strings, but giving you hope that the "detour" was the right road to take. The record features 13 new originals loaded with heartfelt lyrics, and oodles of vocals, harmonies, me ... read more »

3 EP's
Price: $10.00
Artist: Mothboxer
Description: This is all 3 Mothboxer EP's in one album ("Bringing It All Back Home", "Death Valley Blue" and "We're All Out Of Our Minds") and also includes the exclusive brand new re-working of Dave Ody's Kid Galahad track "Hope The Light Is On" as a bonus track! The song was originally written and recorded in 2003-2004 by Dave Ody's ... read more »

Mark On The World
Price: $15.00
Artist: Muscle Souls
Description: Toronto based Muscle Souls have dug deep into Mod, Northern Soul, Power Pop and their love of 60’s TV show themes for “Mark On the World.” The disc includes five original songs served up two ways! Band versions charge out of the gate with horns blazing for the full Muscle Souls experience, while acoustic versions highligh ... read more »

Beyond The Static
Price: $12.00
Artist: Nick Piunti
Description: WOW!! The brilliant followup to Nick's brilliant "13 In My Head" is here! Nick sheds some insight on the proceedings "I’ve been recording for so long and have pretty much stayed true to the music that initially inspired me. I think the trick is to not be too obvious with your influences, but to meld them into something of ... read more »

Almost Satisfied
Price: $12.00
Artist: Noah Hall & Whiskey Priest
Description: Noah Hall’s second album as Whiskey Priest. The former frontman for the indie/pop band Easterly, Hall has been making music as Whiskey Priest since 2006. The songs are sung in a beautiful hushed voice, gently impelled by acoustic plucks and strums, backed by piano, electric guitar, bass, synthesizers, spare percussion and ... read more »

Into Your Ears
Price: $17.00
Artist: Pete Dello
Description: Pete Dello was the original leader of the Honeybus, a short-lived but wonderful English baroque-pop group who only managed to release one album in 1970. After tasting success in 1968 with the single "I Can't Let Maggie Go," Pete left the band after only one album to pursue a more settled lifestyle. His distaste for the r ... read more »

Broken Curses
Price: $15.00
Artist: Pow Wows
Description: Toronto's Pow Wows are the epitome of doing it yourself. They got signed to Get Hip off the strength of a demo tape recorded in a practice space and haven't looked back since. They became known in the garage-rock scene with their memorable and unpredictable live shows, and they've been slowly cultivating their fan base for ... read more »

Nine Lives and Forty Fives
Price: $15.00
Artist: Prima Donna
Description: Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley on a steady diet of punk and glitter rock, Prima Donna are infamous on the LA scene. Their curriculum includes musical road trips with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Adam Ant, Glen Matlock & The Philistines, The Dictators, and even Green Day, who they supported on two arena tours on two c ... read more »

Friends Family and Neighbors
Price: $16.00
Artist: Robert Crenshaw
Description: It's been a while, but Robert's back with his first new full-length in a few years - and a cracker it is! He explains "My musical style is the sum of its influences. I grew up in a suburb of Detroit in the 60's and 70's listening to CKLW, WKNR, WABX, and WJR. Those played a wide variety of music during that period. One min ... read more »

Heart String Soul
Price: $12.00
Artist: Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms
Description: Ryan's back with his second solo release - and quite a brilliant one at that! Which begs the question - what's in the water in Michigan? The state has quickly become a hotbed for some really great pop releases from the likes of The Legal Matters, Andy Klingensmith, Andy Reed (who ably assists Ryan here on vocals and guita ... read more »

Live On Blueberry Hill
Price: $15.00
Artist: Scott Kempner
Description: First ever live album from the founder of legendary New York City groups The Dictators and The Del-Lords. This is an archival 1993 concert that's being released for the first time, and includes the never before released single, "Listening To Elvis". Scott explains "As the 80’s came to a close, and the 90's began, I was wit ... read more »

Shindig! Magazine - Issue #46
Price: $13.00
Artist: Shindig Magazine
Description: DUE EARLY MARCH - ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW! Another one of our all-time faves, THE KINKS are this issue's cover stars whose tale of the year 1966 And All That: Breaking Down In Swinging London, BLUE CHEER: San Fran’s loudest! One of the final interviews with Dickie Peterson, the original heavy metal kid MIND GARAGE: Late ’6 ... read more »

People All Over The World
Price: $13.00
Artist: Smith & Hayes
Description: Their long awaited third album, 4 years in the making! Featuring original songs with a retro rock vibe inspired by The Beatles, George Martin, and Jeff Lynne. "Every four years we have the Olympics, the World Cup and U.S. Presidential Elections to look forward to. OK, maybe not that last one. But the latest four-year trad ... read more »

A Crooked Mile
Price: $13.00
Artist: Society
Description: Not messing with a good thing, the songs on Society's 2010 sophomore effort once again echo their love and passion for all things West Coast, Laurel Canyon and the great country rock music produced in the late 60's/early 70's. "It’s the originality and freshness of the songwriting which makes the album more than just a rela ... read more »

Songs From The Brickhouse
Price: $13.00
Artist: Society
Description: On their 2009 debut, British alt-country band Society combine country-soul, indie and folk-rock into a matchless sound with refined arrangements in the songwriting recalling fellow Brit counterparts The Loving Cup and Ronnie Lane/Slim Chance, along with The Band, Neil Young, Wilco and The Jayhawks. The group cut their teet ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: The 286
Description: ELO ALERT!! The 286 are a six piece band from London who dare to cross the genres of indie rock and classical music. By clashing rock and roll riffs with cellos and violins, they create a unique sound that you expect from a musical collaboration between The Beatles and Beethoven. The band is led by Spencer Hannabuss (for ... read more »

Love Changes Like The Seasons
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Carousels
Description: A psychedelic folk/country band from Keith, Scotland, The Carousels’ music carries an air of innocence and earnestness, combining country soul and pop sensibilities. Featuring seven new tracks alongside selected highlights from the band’s self-release back catalogue, their debut full length is a solid 40 minutes of pleasur ... read more »

Cobbler Clarence + 5
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Fast Camels
Description: ... read more »

Dream In Stereo
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Great Affairs
Description: With nods to everyone from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Cheap Trick, and The Cars, The Great Affairs also share common ground with the likes of more contemporary acts as The Gaslight Anthem, Butch Walker, and The Hold Steady; offering up the kind of sweaty, gimmick-free, big guitar anthems that'll rattle your brain, just ... read more »

The Jeanies + bonus disc
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Jeanies
Description: A KOOL KAT EXCLUSIVE!! CD issue of a previously download/cassette(!)-only release from these four lads from Brooklyn, NY! "They traffic in an old-school power pop sound reminiscent of Dwight Twilley and The Plimsouls. 'I Seen Her Dance' is a rocking gem that will get you in the mood right off the bat. 'It's For You' cou ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: The Kontroversy
Description: Born in 1981 out of the ashes of Kansas City’s acclaimed The Leopards (whose "Psychedelic Boy" is a stone cold Kinks-inspired klassic!), the Kevion Sanders-led The Kontroversy devotedly mined the then-rarefied repertoire of the British Invasion and American garage rock. Titan Records released "This, Then, Is…The Kontrovers ... read more »

Inside Out Your Mind
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Loons
Description: With "Inside Out Your Mind", The Loons have created their most compelling and original album to date. Produced by the band’s Mike Kamoo, the album features 11 diverse original compositions, ranging from the short, sharp, infectious rocker “Siren City” to the towering psychedelic epic “As the Raven Flies” which echoes the vi ... read more »

Frenzy In The Hips
Price: $9.00
Artist: The New Trocaderos
Description: A KOOL KAT EXCLUSIVE!! The New Trocaderos is a fab new musical collaboration between poppers Kurt Baker and Brad Marino and Geoff Palmer of The Connection. The common thread here though is that all of the songs were either written or co-written by their friend Michael Chaney (a lawyer based in LA!). Not to worry, Chaney ... read more »

Shake...outta control.
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Real Kids
Description: It's been 38 years since Boston's Real Kids debuted with the finest rock'n'roll record ever committed to tape, and now they're back with a long-awaited new full-length on legendary hometown label Ace Of Hearts. Of course, long time fans can always be excused of some apprehension when a band of this vintage presents new mat ... read more »

Live 1966
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Shadows Of Knight
Description: Besides releasing two classic longplayers and many more singles (including the smash, “Gloria”), touring/behaving badly all across America and appearing on TV shows like "Upbeat" and "Where The Action Is", the Shadows of Knight also ruled at suburban Chicago’s hands-down hippest teen club, The Cellar. Over the decades, thei ... read more »

Blank Check
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Solicitors
Description: WOW!! What happens when two strangers; one a songwriter from London and the other a guitarist from California, meet in Melbourne, Australia? They recruit the most handsome rhythm section in the city and created the best new-wave garage-pop ensemble the country has ever heard. The Solicitors' debut full-length is one of s ... read more »

Live On Tour - 1966!
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Standells
Description: The Standells’ amazing string of punkish, tough-guy anthems, like “Dirty Water” and “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White”, define the legacy of mid-60's garage rock like nothing else. With the success of these records came ’66 tours with the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys. From all reports, the Standells proved a superb liv ... read more »

The Stems 1984-1987 (Book + CD)
Price: $30.00
Artist: The Stems
Description: MORE EN ROUTE - 2 COPIES CURRENTLY UNSPOKEN FOR! AFTER THAT, IT AGAIN BECOMES A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. NO GUARANTEE OF IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY! The Stems, helmed by demigod-in-the-making Dom Mariani, were responsible for some of the most pristine and quintessentially definitive garage rock songs ever produced from Australia i ... read more »

Get Young
Price: $18.00
Artist: The Tripwires
Description: WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!! A Spanish-only release, and we're gettin' 'em! It's been five years since their last album, but The Tripwires are back - IN A BIG WAY!! This Seattle "supergroup" consists of members and former members of The Model Rockets, The Minus 5, Screaming Trees and Mudhoney. "They are hands down one of my favori ... read more »

The Weeklings
Price: $15.00
Artist: Tee Weeklings
Description: BEATLES/MERSEYBEAT ALERT!! WOW!! Recorded and presented in monophonic sound and inspired by the recordings of the 63-64 Beatles. The album contains rare Lennon/McCartney and George Harrison songs as well as tunes composed by the band's Glen Burtnik and Bob Burger. Hailed as true to the recording techniques, sensibilities ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: The Wind
Description: Their 1982 debut album, "Where It's At With the Wind", has long been regarded as a low-key power pop classic. Sadly failing to make any commercial headway (despite all of the critical acclaim), the band burned out in the mid-80s. For their first album in three decades, Lane Steinberg, Steven Katz, and Steve Burdick have re ... read more »

Change Your Mind b/w Once Or Twice
Price: $7.00
Artist: The Young Sinclairs
Description: VINYL 7"-ONLY RELEASE! A brand new top-notch, jangly two-sider from these prolific popsters! Great mid-tempo, jangly folk rock (think Byrds/Beau Brummels) on both sides! Comes with a download code. GREAT!! ... read more »

Beyond Belief: A Tribute to Elvis Costello
Price: $20.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: PLEASE NOTE: THIS TITLE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS IN THE US - DUE TO LICENSING RESTRICTIONS, NO FOREIGN ORDERS CAN BE ACCEPTED!! WOW!! Musicians from around the world pay tribute to the words and music of the incomparable Elvis Costello. Co-produced by longtime Costello fans Olivia Frain and John Borack, the collec ... read more »

Songs About Girls and Other Disasters
Price: $12.00
Artist: Yorktown Lads
Description: COLORED VINYL-ONLY RELEASE (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD INCLUDED). A BRILLIANT DEBUT from not your average musical collaboration! Yorktown Lads is Cameron Lew, Addison Love, and Michael Simmons. Any of the three are more than capable of working on their own or in their own bands, and have in the past. But the idea was to crea ... read more »